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How to Make Anime in Infinite Craft: Master-Level Tutorial

Infinite Craft is a creative browser game where you can combine elements to create anything, including anime. This guide will walk you through the steps to create anime and explore its uses in the game.

Getting Started with Infinite Craft

Step 1: Understand the Basics

Infinite Craft allows you to combine basic elements to create more complex items. Begin by familiarizing yourself with the game's interface and mechanics.

Step 2: Create Japan

To create anime, you first need to create Japan. Follow these steps:

  1. Mountain: Combine Earth + Earth.
  2. Ocean: Combine Lake + Water.
  3. Island: Combine Earth + Ocean.
  4. Continent: Combine Island + Island.
  5. Asia: Combine Continent + Mountain.
  6. Japan: Combine Asia + Island.

Step 3: Create America

To complete the process, create America:

  1. America: Combine Continent + Lake.

Step 4: Create Anime

Finally, combine Japan and America to create Anime.

What is Anime Used For?

Anime can be used to create various items in Infinite Craft. Here are some combinations:

  • Otaku: Anime + Japan
  • Sailor Moon: Anime + Water
  • Dragon Ball: Anime + Fire (creates Dragon), then Dragon + Anime
  • Pokemon: Anime + Lake
  • Naruto: Anime + Wind
  • Ninja: Anime + Naruto
  • Goku: Dragon Ball + Anime
  • Japan: Island + Anime
  • Manga: Anime + Anime
  • Bonsai: Anime + Plant
  • Groot: Tree + Anime
  • Monkey: Jungle + Anime
  • Sun Wukong: Anime + Monkey King


Creating anime in Infinite Craft opens up endless possibilities for crafting and creativity. By mastering the steps and combinations, you can explore new and exciting items in the game.

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