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Iceburg in One Piece: The Architect of Water 7 and His Crucial Role in the Water Seven Arc

Iceburg, the brilliant shipwright and mayor of Water 7, plays a pivotal role in one of One Piece's most thrilling story arcs. His character is deeply entwined with the history and secrets of Water 7, making him a crucial figure in the series. This blog will delve into Iceburg’s background, his contributions to Water 7, and his significant moments in the Water Seven Arc. Plus, we’ll recommend some fantastic One Piece merchandise from Seakoff to help you celebrate your love for this iconic character.

Who is Iceburg in One Piece?

Iceburg is the mayor of Water 7 and the president of the Galley-La Company, the city's premier shipbuilding company. His blue hair and calm demeanor make him a memorable character in the series.

Key Characteristics:

  • Master Shipwright: Iceburg is renowned for his exceptional shipbuilding skills and his leadership of the Galley-La Company.
  • Respected Leader: As the mayor of Water 7, Iceburg is respected and admired by the citizens for his contributions to the city's prosperity.

Iceburg’s Role in the Water Seven Arc

The Water Seven Arc is one of the most critical and engaging arcs in One Piece, with Iceburg playing a central role.

Key Contributions:

  • Tom’s Apprentice: Iceburg was a student of Tom, a legendary shipwright who built the Oro Jackson, Gol D. Roger's ship. Under Tom’s guidance, Iceburg honed his shipbuilding skills.
  • Galley-La Company: As the president of the Galley-La Company, Iceburg oversees the construction of some of the best ships in the world, including the Thousand Sunny.

Who Shot Iceburg?

One of the major plot points in the Water Seven Arc involves an assassination attempt on Iceburg.

Key Details:

  • CP9: The secretive government organization CP9, disguised as shipwrights, orchestrates the assassination attempt to retrieve the blueprints for the ancient weapon Pluton.
  • Nico Robin’s Involvement: Initially, it appears that Nico Robin is responsible for the attack, but it is later revealed that she was coerced by CP9.

The Significance of the Water Seven Arc

The Water Seven Arc is a turning point in One Piece, introducing key characters and significant plot developments.

Key Aspects:

  • Straw Hat Pirates’ New Ship: The arc leads to the construction of the Thousand Sunny, the new ship for the Straw Hat Pirates.
  • Character Development: The arc features significant character development, especially for Nico Robin and Franky, who joins the crew as their shipwright.
  • Government Conspiracy: The arc uncovers the dark secrets of the World Government and their pursuit of the Pluton blueprints.

Iceburg’s Legacy

Iceburg's contributions to Water 7 and his role in the series leave a lasting impact.

Key Points:

  • Architect of Water 7: Iceburg's vision and leadership have helped shape Water 7 into a thriving metropolis and a hub for shipbuilding excellence.
  • Mentor to Franky: As a mentor to Franky, Iceburg plays a crucial role in his development as a shipwright and a member of the Straw Hat Pirates.

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