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Jinbe from One Piece: The Whale Shark’s Journey to the Straw Hats

Jinbe, also known as the "Knight of the Sea," is one of the most respected and powerful characters in One Piece. As a former Warlord and a master of Fish-Man Karate, Jinbe’s addition to the Straw Hat Pirates significantly bolsters the crew's strength. In this blog, we will explore when and how Jinbe joins the Straw Hat Pirates, his age, and key moments in his journey. Plus, we’ll recommend some fantastic One Piece merchandise from Seakoff to help you celebrate your love for Jinbe.

When Does Jinbe Join the Straw Hats?

Jinbe officially joins the Straw Hat Pirates in Episode 980 of the anime, during the Wano Country Arc. His formal induction into the crew is a momentous occasion, welcomed by all members of the Straw Hat Pirates, particularly Luffy, who had been asking Jinbe to join since the Fish-Man Island Arc.

What Episode Does Jinbe Join the Crew?

Jinbe's journey with the Straw Hat Pirates reaches its culmination in Episode 980, titled "A New Member! 'First Son of the Sea' Jinbe!" This episode marks his official acceptance into the crew, solidifying his role as a valuable ally and friend.

How Old is Jinbe in One Piece?

Jinbe is 46 years old, making him one of the older and more experienced members of the Straw Hat Pirates. His age and experience bring a level of wisdom and stability to the crew, complementing the youthful exuberance of the other members.

Jinbe’s Role and Abilities

  1. Fish-Man Karate: Jinbe is a master of Fish-Man Karate and Fish-Man Jujutsu, using his techniques to manipulate water and deliver powerful blows. His combat skills are among the best in the One Piece world.
  2. Former Warlord: As a former Shichibukai (Warlord of the Sea), Jinbe has vast experience and knowledge of the world’s political landscape, which proves invaluable to the Straw Hat Pirates.
  3. Navigator and Diplomat: Jinbe's abilities extend beyond combat. He is an excellent navigator and has a deep understanding of ocean currents and navigation. His diplomatic skills also help the crew forge alliances.

Key Moments in Jinbe’s Journey

  1. Impel Down and Marineford: Jinbe plays a crucial role in the Impel Down and Marineford Arcs, assisting Luffy in his quest to rescue Ace and fighting alongside him in the war against the Marines.
  2. Fish-Man Island Arc: Jinbe’s backstory is explored, revealing his deep connection to Fish-Man Island and his commitment to peace between humans and fish-men. It’s also where Luffy first asks Jinbe to join his crew.
  3. Whole Cake Island Arc: Jinbe leaves the Big Mom Pirates and formally aligns himself with Luffy, aiding in the rescue of Sanji and the escape from Big Mom’s territory.
  4. Wano Country Arc: Jinbe officially joins the Straw Hat Pirates, bringing his immense strength and experience to the battle against Kaido.

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