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Lunarians in One Piece: The Mysterious Race and King’s Origins

The Lunarians, a mysterious and powerful race in One Piece, have intrigued fans since their introduction. Known for their unique abilities and distinctive features, Lunarians are a rare and nearly extinct race. King, one of the top commanders of the Beast Pirates, is revealed to be a Lunarian, adding depth and intrigue to his character. In this blog, we will explore the Lunarians, King’s origins, and their significance in the series. Plus, we’ll recommend some fantastic One Piece merchandise from Seakoff to help you celebrate your love for this epic series.

Who are the Lunarians in One Piece?

Lunarians are an ancient race known for their extraordinary abilities and resilience. They are said to have lived on the Red Line before being nearly wiped out.

Key Characteristics:

  • Flame Generation: Lunarians can produce flames from their bodies, a unique ability that sets them apart from other races.
  • Incredible Durability: They possess exceptional strength and durability, making them formidable opponents in battle.
  • Distinctive Features: Lunarians have dark skin, white hair, and black wings, distinguishing them from other characters in One Piece.

King from One Piece: A Lunarian

King, also known as Alber, is a top commander of the Beast Pirates, serving under Kaido. His Lunarian heritage plays a significant role in his character and abilities.

Key Points:

  • Flame Powers: King’s ability to generate and control flames comes from his Lunarian lineage, making him a deadly combatant.
  • Durability and Strength: His Lunarian heritage grants him incredible durability and strength, allowing him to withstand powerful attacks.
  • Mysterious Past: King’s backstory as a Lunarian adds layers of mystery and depth to his character, hinting at a rich history yet to be fully explored.

Lunarians in the One Piece World

The Lunarians are a rare and nearly extinct race, with King being one of the last known survivors. Their unique abilities and the mystery surrounding their extinction make them a fascinating aspect of the One Piece lore.


  • Ancient History: The Lunarians’ history and their connection to the Red Line suggest a deeper lore that could unveil significant revelations about the One Piece world.
  • Unique Abilities: Their flame-producing ability and resilience make Lunarians a unique and powerful race, influencing their role in the story.

What Race is King in One Piece?

King is a Lunarian, a race known for their exceptional abilities and resilience. His identity as a Lunarian sets him apart from other characters and adds a unique element to his character.

Key Aspects:

  • Flame Production: King’s ability to generate flames is a distinctive trait of the Lunarian race.
  • Physical Traits: His dark skin, white hair, and black wings are characteristic features of the Lunarians.
  • Role in the Beast Pirates: As a top commander, King’s Lunarian abilities make him a vital asset to Kaido and the Beast Pirates.

The Mystery of the Lunarians

The Lunarians remain one of the most mysterious races in One Piece, with much of their history and abilities yet to be fully revealed. Their near-extinction and the secrets of their past continue to intrigue fans.

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