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Oars from One Piece: The Giant Continent Puller and His Legacy

Oars from One Piece: The Giant Continent Puller and His Legacy

Oars, known as the "Continent Puller," is one of the most colossal and intriguing characters in One Piece. His sheer size, strength, and the legacy he leaves behind make him a significant figure in the series. In this blog, we will explore Oars’ character, his background, his descendant Little Oars Jr., and the impact they have on the story. Plus, we’ll recommend some fantastic One Piece merchandise from Seakoff to help you celebrate your admiration for these giant characters.

Who is Oars in One Piece?

Oars is a legendary giant known for his immense size and strength, capable of pulling entire continents. He lived several centuries before the current timeline of One Piece and has left a lasting legacy through his descendants.

Key Characteristics:

  • Gigantic Size: Oars is one of the largest characters in One Piece, towering over even other giants.
  • Legacy: His lineage continues through his descendants, including Little Oars Jr., who plays a significant role in the Marineford Arc.

Little Oars Jr.: The Brave Descendant

Little Oars Jr., a direct descendant of Oars, inherits his ancestor’s massive size and strength. He is a loyal ally of Whitebeard and plays a crucial role during the Marineford War.

Key Points:

  • Loyalty to Whitebeard: Little Oars Jr.’s dedication to Whitebeard and his allies is unwavering, showcasing his honorable nature.
  • Battle at Marineford: During the Marineford War, Little Oars Jr. fights valiantly to rescue Ace, demonstrating his immense strength and courage.

Did Oars Jr. Die?

One of the most emotional moments in the Marineford Arc is the fate of Little Oars Jr. He suffers severe injuries while trying to reach Ace, leading fans to question his survival.

Key Events:

  • Severe Injuries: Little Oars Jr. is gravely wounded during the battle, with his fate left uncertain.
  • Impact on Allies: His bravery and sacrifice have a profound impact on his allies, motivating them to fight even harder.

Oars’ Height and Legacy

Oars and his descendants are known for their colossal height, which plays a significant role in their characterization and the dynamics of their interactions with other characters.

Key Measurements:

  • Oars’ Height: Oars is estimated to be over 60 meters tall, making him one of the largest beings in the One Piece world.
  • Legacy of Strength: The strength and size of Oars and his descendants symbolize their legendary status and the fear they instill in their enemies.

What is Oars?

Oars is more than just a giant; he is a symbol of ancient strength and the mysteries of the One Piece world. His title as the "Continent Puller" hints at his incredible power and the legendary feats he performed during his lifetime.


  • Ancient Power: Oars’ abilities and size suggest he was a being of immense power, capable of performing feats that shaped the world.
  • Cultural Impact: The legend of Oars continues to influence the characters and events within the One Piece universe.

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