Release Your Inner Warrior with the Exclusive Seakoff Berserk Hoodie.

Immerse yourself on the planet of Berserk with this advanced hoodie that seamlessly blends renowned images and streetwear design. Each hoodie flaunts the classic Berserk logo design intertwined with its Japanese equivalent, symbolizing a powerful link in between eastern and western influences, right at the forefront of style. 

Product Features:

  • Iconic Front Design: The hoodie spotlights the instantly recognizable Berserk logo, overlapped with its stylish Japanese insignia, setting a bold statement for fans and fashion connoisseurs alike.
  • Guts Character Artwork: Dominating the back of the hoodie is the formidable outline of Guts, the legendary protagonist, captured in a striking dark blue comic art style that fans will instantly connect with.
  • Street Style Aesthetics: Fashioned to stand out, this hoodie embodies the true essence of street culture, destined for those who brave their unique path.

Target Audience:

  • Anime Aficionados: If you live and breathe anime, this hoodie embodies your passion.
  • Manga Maestros: Manga readers will appreciate the authentic design that leaps right off the page.
  • Urban Trendsetters: Those at the forefront of streetwear trends will find this exclusive piece a must-have addition to their collection.

Why Choose the Seakoff Berserk Hoodie?

  • Exclusivity: Designed by the renowned Seakoff, this hoodie is a treasure not found anywhere else.
  • Quality and Comfort: Not only is it an emblem of Berserk's lore, but it also offers the snug comfort and lasting quality that streetwear enthusiasts demand.
  • Authentic Connection: Deepen your bond with the Berserk saga through apparel that pays homage to the series’ epic narrative and artistry.


Transform the streets right into your combat zone, showcasing your allegiance to the Berserk legacy. With restricted accessibility, the Seakoff Berserk Hoodie is not simply an item of apparel-- it's armor for the day-to-day warrior. Shop now, specifically at Seakoff, and wear your fandom with pride.

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