Solo Leveling Manga: A Statistical Deep Dive into Its Popularity and Reader Engagement


"Solo Leveling," a standout manga and webtoon series, has captured the imagination of readers worldwide with its unique narrative and stunning artwork. Here, we delve into the statistics that highlight its widespread popularity and the engagement levels it commands among fans.

Core Statistics

"Solo Leveling" boasts a remarkable score of 8.67 on MyAnimeList, derived from over 290,000 user ratings. This high rating is a testament to its broad appeal and positive reception across a diverse audience. The series ranks #65 among all manga on MyAnimeList and impressively stands as the 6th most popular title on the platform. With nearly 493,000 members adding it to their lists and 43,943 users marking it as a favorite, the numbers speak volumes about its impact and reach.

Reader Engagement Details

The readership of "Solo Leveling" shows significant engagement:

  • Currently Reading: Approximately 197,638 readers
  • Completed: 199,934 readers have completed the series
  • On Hold: 17,071 readers
  • Dropped: 11,182 readers have stopped reading
  • Plan to Read: 66,964 readers intend to start the series

These statistics not only underline the series' ability to attract new readers but also its retention power, with a substantial number of fans completing the series.

Character Development and Narrative Appeal

The protagonist, Sung Jin-woo, undergoes a dramatic transformation from a weak E-Rank hunter to one of the world's strongest, a narrative arc that resonates deeply with fans. His journey is marked by the acquisition of unique powers that allow him to level up indefinitely, adding a layer of continuous excitement and development throughout the series.

Predictive Analysis

Looking ahead, "Solo Leveling" is poised to maintain its popularity. As adaptations and additional content are explored, the fanbase is likely to grow, potentially elevating its rankings even further. The ongoing engagement and active discussions around the series suggest a sustained interest that could lead to more multimedia adaptations and merchandise opportunities.


"Solo Leveling" has not only set benchmarks in terms of ratings and memberships but has also carved out a niche for itself in the manga and webtoon community. Its blend of compelling storytelling and dynamic character evolution continues to attract and captivate a global audience.

Call to Action

For more detailed statistics and insights into "Solo Leveling," visit the MyAnimeList Solo Leveling statistics page. To explore more about the series, characters, and its development, check out the comprehensive Wikipedia page on Solo Leveling.

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