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What Does Canon Mean in Anime? Expert Answers

The term "canon" frequently appears in discussions about anime, manga, and other media. Understanding what "canon" means is crucial for fans who want to grasp the official storyline and distinguish it from non-canon or fan-created content. Here's an expert guide to what "canon" means in anime.

What Does Canon Mean?

Definition of Canon

In the context of anime and manga, "canon" refers to the material that is officially part of the story as recognized by the original creator or production company. Canon includes the main storyline, character arcs, and events that are officially acknowledged as part of the series.

Importance of Canon

Canon is important because it distinguishes the official narrative from non-canon material, which might include fan fiction, spin-offs, or alternate storylines that are not part of the original storyline.

Canon in Anime

One Piece as an Example

"One Piece" is a great example to understand the concept of canon in anime. The main storyline of "One Piece," as written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, is considered canon. This includes all the events and character developments depicted in the manga and its anime adaptation.

Canon vs. Non-Canon Content

Non-canon content includes filler episodes, movies, and specials that are not directly part of the main storyline created by the original author. For instance, many "One Piece" movies are considered non-canon because they introduce plots and characters that do not affect the main storyline.

Which One Piece Movies Are Canon?

Canonical One Piece Movies

Among the many "One Piece" movies, only a few are considered canon. These movies are either directly influenced by Eiichiro Oda or contain events that are acknowledged within the manga's storyline.

  1. One Piece: Strong World: Directly influenced by Oda.
  2. One Piece Film: Z: Includes elements that tie into the main storyline.
  3. One Piece Film: Gold: Contains references and elements that align with the manga.

Non-Canonical One Piece Movies

Most "One Piece" movies, such as "One Piece: The Movie" and "One Piece: Clockwork Island Adventure," are non-canon. They provide entertainment and additional content but do not impact the main story arc.

Understanding Canon in Broader Context

What It Means When Something Is Canon

When something is canon, it means it is officially part of the story's universe. This applies to character backstories, plot events, and world-building elements that are acknowledged by the original creators.

Canon Meaning in Anime

In anime, understanding what is canon helps fans follow the true storyline and appreciate the development of characters and plots as intended by the creators. It also helps in differentiating between official material and fan-made or alternate versions.


Understanding what "canon" means in anime is essential for following the official storyline and appreciating the full depth of the series. "One Piece" serves as a prime example, with its main storyline being canon and many movies and specials falling into the non-canon category.

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