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What is Chinese Anime Called? Insights from Top Chinese Animation Studios

Chinese anime, known as "donghua" (动画), has gained significant popularity both domestically and internationally. Donghua encompasses a wide range of animated works produced in China, offering diverse genres and unique storytelling. In this blog post, we’ll explore what Chinese anime is called, its key characteristics, and some of the best donghua series from top Chinese animation studios.

What is Chinese Anime Called?

Donghua (动画)

The term "donghua" refers to all animated works produced in China. While similar to Japanese anime in terms of animation techniques, donghua has its own distinct style and cultural influences.

Key Characteristics of Donghua

  • Cultural Elements: Donghua often incorporates traditional Chinese culture, folklore, and history.
  • Diverse Genres: From action and fantasy to romance and sci-fi, donghua covers a wide range of genres.
  • Art Style: Donghua features unique art styles that can range from highly detailed and realistic to stylized and whimsical.

Best Chinese Anime (Donghua)

1. The King's Avatar (全职高手)

A popular series about a top-tier eSports player who makes a comeback after being forced out of his professional team. Known for its detailed animation and engaging storyline, "The King’s Avatar" has a strong following.

2. Mo Dao Zu Shi (魔道祖师)

Also known as "Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation," this series is based on a popular novel and follows the adventures of a cultivator who is resurrected years after his death. It features stunning animation and complex characters.

3. White Cat Legend (大理寺日志)

A comedic yet action-packed series about a cat detective solving mysteries in ancient China. The unique art style and entertaining plot have made it a fan favorite.

4. Scissor Seven (刺客伍六七)

This series follows the adventures of a hairdresser who moonlights as an assassin. Known for its humor and unconventional animation style, "Scissor Seven" has gained international acclaim.

5. Fog Hill of Five Elements (雾山五行)

A visually stunning series that combines traditional Chinese art styles with modern animation techniques. It tells the story of guardians who control the five elements and protect their land from supernatural threats.

Why Donghua is Gaining Popularity

High-Quality Production

Chinese animation studios are investing heavily in high-quality production, resulting in visually impressive and narratively rich series. The animation quality of donghua has seen significant improvements, making it competitive with Japanese anime.

Global Appeal

Donghua is increasingly being recognized on the global stage, with many series available on international streaming platforms like Netflix, Crunchyroll, and YouTube. This accessibility has helped donghua reach a broader audience.

Unique Storytelling

Donghua offers unique storytelling that often incorporates Chinese mythology, folklore, and historical settings, providing a fresh perspective for anime fans.


Chinese anime, or donghua, is a vibrant and diverse genre that is quickly gaining recognition worldwide. With high-quality production and unique storytelling, donghua offers something for every anime fan. Explore the best of Chinese animation and immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage it represents.

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