2021 Spring《earth song》

Teenager in a gray vest and hoodieGirl in a hoodie on a football fieldPretty girl in a green shirt holding a footballTeenager in a hoodie watching on the football fieldTwo young people walking in black pulloversThe girl in a black sweater is drinking teaPretty girl wearing black pullover standing under the bridgeStanding under the bridge in a black pulloverPretty girl wearing long sleeve shirt standing in graffiti wallA teenager in a suit is picking books in a bookstoreA teenager in a gray hoodie with contemptuous eyesTwo teenagers in hooded cardigans and sweaters are drinking outside the tentDrinking in a fleece hooded jacketTwo hip-hop teenagers wearing down vests standing on the side of the roadTwo teenagers in graffiti shirts are chatting on the grasslandHip-hop young man in a pullover reading in the woodsHip-hop teenager in a pullover looking at the grasslandHip-hop teenager wearing a hat