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Does Misa Die in Death Note? Expert Answers

Misa Amane is a significant character in the "Death Note" series, known for her devotion to Light Yagami and her role as the second Kira. One of the frequently asked questions by fans is about Misa's fate. In this blog post, we provide expert answers to the question: Does Misa die in "Death Note"?

Misa's Role in Death Note

Introduction to Misa Amane

Misa Amane is introduced as a famous model and actress who becomes the second Kira. She is deeply infatuated with Light Yagami and is willing to do anything to assist him, including using the Death Note to eliminate criminals.

Her Contribution to the Plot

Misa's actions significantly impact the storyline, particularly her willingness to make the Shinigami Eye deal twice, which halves her lifespan each time. Her loyalty to Light and her role as Kira contribute to the series' tension and complexity.

Does Misa Die in Death Note?

Manga vs. Anime

The fate of Misa Amane differs slightly between the manga and the anime. In the manga, it is implied that Misa falls into a deep depression following Light's death. In the last chapter, a year after Light's death, it is suggested that Misa commits suicide, though it is not explicitly shown.

In the anime, Misa's final fate is left more ambiguous. She is seen standing on the edge of a building, dressed in mourning clothes, suggesting that she may have taken her own life after Light's death, but it is not confirmed.

Expert Interpretation

Experts and fans often interpret Misa's ambiguous fate as a tragic end to her character. Her deep devotion to Light and the loss of her purpose following his death suggest that her life without him would be filled with despair.

Misa Amane's Age


Misa Amane is 19 years old when she is first introduced in the series. Throughout the series, significant events occur over several years, but her exact age at the end of the series is not explicitly stated. Given the timeline, she is likely in her early twenties by the series' conclusion.


Misa Amane's fate in "Death Note" is left somewhat open to interpretation, with implications of her possible suicide following Light Yagami's death. Her character adds significant depth to the series, illustrating the extreme devotion and tragedy that can result from the power of the Death Note.

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