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How Old is Near from Death Note? Expert Answers

Near, also known as Nate River, is one of the key characters in the popular anime and manga series "Death Note." He plays a crucial role as a successor to the legendary detective L. In this blog post, we explore Near's age and provide insights into other characters' ages and roles within the series.

How Old is Near?

Near's Age

Near is introduced in the "Death Note" series at the age of 13. By the end of the series, he is 17 years old. Near, along with Mello, is groomed to be L's successor and takes on the challenge of capturing Kira after L's death.

Near and Mello

Who is Mello?

Mello, whose real name is Mihael Keehl, is another successor to L. He is the same age as Near, being 14 years old at his introduction and 20 years old by the end of the series. Mello's approach to solving the Kira case is more aggressive compared to Near's analytical methods.

How Old is L from Death Note?

L's Age

L Lawliet, commonly known as L, is 24 years old when he is first introduced in the series. He is a world-renowned detective who becomes the primary antagonist to Light Yagami, the protagonist who takes on the persona of Kira.

Who is Nate River?

Near's Background

Nate River, known by his alias Near, is a genius detective and a protégé of L. He is characterized by his calm demeanor, exceptional intelligence, and his distinctive habit of playing with toys while thinking.


Near is a pivotal character in "Death Note," starting at the age of 13 and growing into his role as a detective by 17. His journey, along with those of Mello and L, adds depth to the series' intricate plot. For fans looking to express their love for "Death Note," check out our collection of Death Note merch.

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