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How Many One Piece Episodes? The Accurate Answer is Here

One Piece, created by Eiichiro Oda, is a monumental anime series that has captivated fans for over two decades. As one of the longest-running anime, it boasts an impressive number of episodes that continue to grow. If you’re wondering how many episodes of One Piece there are and how to watch them in order, you've come to the right place. Here, we provide an accurate count of episodes and guide you on your journey through the epic adventures of Luffy and his crew.

Current Number of One Piece Episodes

As of June 2024, One Piece has over 1050 episodes. The series has been continuously releasing new episodes, with the latest episode being Episode 1051. Each episode builds on the rich storylines and diverse characters, keeping fans eagerly anticipating what comes next.

Key Arcs in One Piece

One Piece is known for its well-defined arcs, each with its own unique storyline and set of characters. Some of the most notable arcs include:

  • East Blue Saga: The beginning of Luffy’s adventure to become the Pirate King.
  • Alabasta Saga: Luffy and his crew help Princess Vivi save her kingdom.
  • Enies Lobby: The Straw Hat Pirates declare war on the World Government.
  • Marineford Arc: The epic battle to save Ace.
  • Wano Country Arc: The ongoing arc where Luffy aims to liberate Wano from the tyrannical rule of Kaido.

How to Watch One Piece in Order

To fully appreciate the depth and continuity of One Piece, it's important to watch the episodes in order. Here’s a simple guide:

  1. Start with the East Blue Saga: Episodes 1-61
  2. Move on to the Alabasta Saga: Episodes 62-135
  3. Continue with the Sky Island Saga: Episodes 136-206
  4. Follow with the Water 7 Saga: Episodes 207-325
  5. Proceed to the Thriller Bark Saga: Episodes 326-384
  6. Experience the Summit War Saga: Episodes 385-516
  7. Dive into the Fish-Man Island Saga: Episodes 517-574
  8. Explore the Dressrosa Saga: Episodes 575-746
  9. Enter the Whole Cake Island Saga: Episodes 747-889
  10. Engage in the Wano Country Saga: Episodes 890-present

Staying Updated with the Latest Episodes

One Piece episodes are released weekly, typically on Sundays. To stay updated with the latest episodes, you can watch them on streaming platforms like Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Netflix. These platforms often provide simulcasts of new episodes shortly after they air in Japan.

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