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When Did One Piece Start? 99% of People Get It Wrong

One Piece, the legendary series that has captivated millions of fans worldwide, has a rich history that spans over two decades. Surprisingly, many people often get the start date wrong. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the origins of One Piece, including the start dates of both the manga and the anime. We’ll also share where you can find some fantastic One Piece merchandise to celebrate your fandom.

The Origin of One Piece Manga

The One Piece manga, created by Eiichiro Oda, made its debut in Weekly Shonen Jump on July 22, 1997. This date marks the beginning of what would become one of the most influential and beloved manga series of all time. From its very first chapter, One Piece introduced readers to Monkey D. Luffy and his dream of becoming the Pirate King, setting the stage for an epic adventure.

The Start of One Piece Anime

Following the success of the manga, the One Piece anime adaptation began airing on October 20, 1999. Produced by Toei Animation, the anime brought Luffy and his crew to life, capturing the hearts of viewers with its vibrant animation and faithful adaptation of Oda’s story. The anime has continued to grow in popularity, contributing to the global phenomenon that is One Piece.

Key Milestones in One Piece History

  1. Manga Debut: July 22, 1997
  2. Anime Premiere: October 20, 1999
  3. Major Story Arcs: Since its inception, One Piece has been divided into multiple sagas and arcs, each adding depth and excitement to the series. Some of the key arcs include:
    • East Blue Saga: The beginning of Luffy’s journey.
    • Alabasta Saga: The battle to save Princess Vivi’s kingdom.
    • Enies Lobby: The fight against the World Government.
    • Marineford Arc: The epic war to save Ace.
    • Wano Country Arc: The current saga where Luffy and his crew aim to liberate Wano.

How Many Volumes of One Piece?

As of June 2024, One Piece has over 105 volumes, with new chapters regularly released in Weekly Shonen Jump. The sheer volume of content is a testament to Eiichiro Oda’s storytelling prowess and the enduring popularity of the series.

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