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Why shark shoes are so popular, but its shortcomings are the most easily overlooked!

I believe you have seen too many introductions about shark shoes on the Internet. They are soft, comfortable, durable and lightweight, especially in summer. I believe everyone will fall in love with them.

But what exactly are shark shoes like?

In order to get the answer to the question, we sent several different styles we designed to people from different countries for free. Of course, at the same time, we also wanted to improve shark shoes. Otherwise, it would be difficult for anyone to know what shark shoes are like. Cost hundreds of dollars.

About 12 days later, they received the shark shoes, and we waited for them to try them on for about a month. In the end, about 95% of people thought that the shark shoes were worth it and were willing to pay for them. Of course, the premise is that the price is reasonable, because someone After wearing it for a month, the fins on the shoes fell off, which is the part circled in red in the picture below.

And in the following months, some people also found similar situations. It can be seen that it is not very strong, but for most people, they think it is acceptable. At least it did not fall off naturally, but fell after an impact. And half of them didn't notice the problem.

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In this investigation, we also found a more important problem, that is, it is not very friendly to drivers. Of course, if you choose to wear shark shoes to drive transportation, although we do not recommend this, obviously, we do not What persuasion.

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But because there are two shark fins next to shark shoes, which are the parts circled in red in the picture below, you don’t have to worry about them falling off, because they are formed in one piece and are not stuck with some kind of glue (such as shark fins), but for the driver For one, this makes driving a bit difficult because they need to press the accelerator inconveniently and will be hindered by the shark fin.

Fortunately, it’s not a big problem. For most people, it just takes a few times to get used to it.

Regarding the benefits of shark shoes, most of them mentioned that the shape is very good-looking and suitable for fashionable wear. The weight is really light. A pair of high-quality shark shoes weighs less than 300g, which is similar to the weight of a T-shirt. This is very important to people. It's undoubtedly too comfortable.

Shark Slides - Seakoff

Another benefit that is often mentioned is that too many toes are not exposed, because most people’s toes are not that beautiful, and after wearing shark shoes, half of the toes are hidden, and overall the toes are hidden. Up very good.

Shark Slides - Seakoff

Finally, these advantages and disadvantages all come from real user reviews. Of course, they are only for shark shoes sold in our seakoff store. Other stores may have some differences, and may perform better than our shark shoes, or may perform better than our shark shoes. Worse.

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But no matter what, we still sincerely recommend that you buy a pair of your favorite shark shoes. Most of the feedback from people who received our samples have been very high, because it looks so cool, and it is very comfortable and convenient. At least in the summer, you don’t have to wear other shoes.

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