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3 must-see guidelines for finding high-quality anime shirts

Can you buy high-quality anime T-shirts at popular stores?

I believe you have purchased anime shirts from Atsuko, Sugoination, Uniqlo, and other places. However, upon receiving them, you may find that they are made of ordinary fabrics. While not subpar, they are indeed of average quality. This is because high-quality T-shirts incur high costs, both in manufacturing and transportation. For large anime stores, with their high order volumes, increasing the quality and transportation costs of T-shirts would result in significantly higher overall costs. Therefore, medium-quality T-shirts are their preferred choice.

What are the main aspects to consider when looking for high-quality T-shirts?

Although we are not a well-known brand, we have many years of experience in T-shirt production and processing. We once operated a clothing processing factory in Yiwu, Zhejiang, China (if you are interested in collaborating with us, please contact us for detailed information; we welcome your inquiries). We primarily produced T-shirts and hoodies and provided OEM services to some brands. For example, they would send us their designs, and we would produce and print their brand's logo. This practice is quite common in China, with over a dozen processing factories like ours in the vicinity.

The following three aspects will help you quickly identify a high-quality T-shirt that will last for years to come:

  • The first aspect: Material

    While this is generally understood, it's worth emphasizing its importance. Usually, T-shirts made from over 95% cotton are of excellent quality. The remaining 5% can be cotton or Lycra, which doesn't significantly affect the quality. Most anime T-shirts sold in popular stores are made of over 95% cotton, which is favored by most people.

  • The second aspect: Weight

    T-shirt weight refers to the fabric weight per square meter, typically ranging from 4.5oz/yd²-6oz/yd². This range is also preferred by most popular anime stores, as weight not only represents production costs but also transportation costs. High-quality T-shirts usually weigh between 7.5oz/yd²-8.3oz/yd², significantly higher than ordinary T-shirts.

    Perhaps you have purchased anime T-shirts as heavy as 8.3oz/yd²; our store has issued such shirts. However, they have a drawback: although the quality is good, they are too thick and uncomfortable to wear in summer.

  • Lastly, a very important point: the thread count of the T-shirt.

    Thread count refers to the thickness of the yarn, usually between 20/1 and 40/1. A higher thread count means thinner yarn, while a lower count means thicker yarn. However, neither thickness nor thinness alone determines the quality of a T-shirt.

    What determines quality is the ratio of thread count to weight. For example, most T-shirts in popular anime stores are of medium weight and high thread count. While such T-shirts look good and feel delicate, they are prone to pilling, especially after a few wears, making them look inferior with uneven surfaces.

    Alternatively, you may find your T-shirt very light, soft, and somewhat transparent. These are low-weight and medium-thread-count T-shirts, which are of inferior quality and may become unwearable after a few wears.

High-quality T-shirts usually have a high weight and a low thread count. The high weight ensures overall quality, and the low thread count, meaning thicker cotton threads, provides comfort and durability. Even after several wears, the surface remains smooth without pilling. Additionally, due to the low thread count, the T-shirt is highly breathable, with visible cotton lines on the surface.

Therefore, high-quality anime T-shirts are typically made of over 95% cotton, weighing between 7.5oz/yd²-8.3oz/yd², with a low thread count.

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We also welcome collaboration opportunities if you have your own brand. You don't necessarily need to choose the highest quality and most expensive T-shirts; instead, choose the T-shirt that best suits your needs.

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